Know the first Peruvian schools

«Concerning Teacher’s Day, a list of the first educational institutions that were founded in Peru and is considered the oldest is shown.»

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According to figures from the Ministry of Education (Minedu) in Peru, there are 53,003 schools of Regular Basic Education between the Initial, Primary and Secondary levels. For some experts, an insufficient figure for the number of children and adolescents in the country.

After the declaration of independence on July 28, 1821, the liberator Don José de San Martín and General Simón Bolívar were the main promoters of formal education in Peru and several of the emblematic and historical schools in the territory were founded by the predecessors of these two heroes of independence. Regarding Teacher’s Day, a list of the first educational institutions that were founded in Peru and are considered the oldest is shown:

  1. Piura’s National College San Miguel: located in this hot northern city, this Peruvian school is part of the select group of the first schools that were created in Peru. It was founded some years before independence, on September 29, 1815. Great Peruvian personalities recognized throughout the world passed through their long-standing classrooms such as the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa; two presidents of the Republic, Sánchez Cerro and Juan Velasco Alvarado; the poet and president of the Peruvian Academy of Language, Marco Martos Carrera; the writer and diplomat Francisco Vegas, among others.
  2. Emblematic College Simón Bolívar: it is located in the heart of Moquegua; in the Mariscal Nieto district. It was created on September 8th, 1825, and in the coming months, it will be its 195th anniversary.
  3. National College San José: it is the Alma Mater of the city of friendship, Chiclayo. Its history dates back to 1826, but during its first years of operation different adversities arose that it was able to overcome with the help of the people of Chiclayo who wanted to have an educational establishment for their children. Thus, on December 22, 1832, a Supreme Resolution was issued that recognized it as the first science school in Lambayeque.
  4. American Independence Emblematic Educational Institution: the white city of Arequipa also has one of the oldest schools in Peru, this was founded in the middle of 1827 and first it worked inside the old convent of the Augustinians and in the 1940s it moved to the Independence Avenue where it is until today.

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