Epstein case: arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell could target a new circle

The case of pedophile and tycoon Jeffrey Epstein has exposed the actions of his ex-girlfriend and partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was arrested this week after allegedly being the link between the businessman and the young victims. It would be Maxwell who was looking for children and adolescents for sex trafficking.

The United States Attorney in charge, Audrey Strauss, revealed at a press conference that Maxwell could be a source and cooperator to finish setting up the scale of the sex trafficking network that has taken place in recent years. «In the event that even if she did become a cooperator, I think we could deal with that«, she said.

This could lead to consolidating the circle in which many well-known figures from the international sphere would be involved. Some of them like Donald Trump, Hillary, and Bill Clinton, among other members of the American politics and socialite, as suggested by the group of hackers, Anonymous.


A 14-year-old girl met financier Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, in the 1990s. The two tried to start a friendship, taking her shopping and to the movies. Even Maxwell asked about his family and school.

Then, it would be Ghislaine Maxwell who would begin to undress in front of the girl and recruit her to participate in sexualized massages to Epstein, according to the prosecutors in charge. The pattern continued for years, as Maxwell fueled her boyfriend’s dark desires and was involved in some of the abuse, according to a newly revealed indictment.

Epstein saga

Maxwell’s arrest was the latest thrust in a legal saga that has led to international intrigue and conspiracy theories. The case has captured and targeted prominent academics, politicians, business leaders, and even British royalty, many of whom may have been part of the larger-than-not-known sex trafficking network.