Extradition approved for Cesar Hinostroza

The former supreme judge Cesar Hinostroza accused of the alleged case of judicial corruption «The White Necks of the Port», could be extradited from Spain to our country, as approved by the government of Spain. Through the report presented by the journalist Yolanda Vaccaro, she reported to Channel 4 (América Noticias) that the president of the PCM of Spain, together with Pedro Sánchez (president of the Government of Spain), granted the delivery of the former prosecutor.

According to the journalist, this process would have been taken months ago; however, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (covid-19), this case is just ongoing. Hinostroza is blamed for the alleged crimes of influence peddling, incompatible bargaining, and illegal sponsorship (excluding criminal organization).

In this regard, Interior Minister Gaston Rodriguez mentioned that there is no exact date for the extradition of the former supreme judge because the information received is not official. On the other hand, the president of the Council of Ministers Vicente Zeballos, also mentioned that they did not receive any official statement about the decision made by the Spanish government; however, he stated that the Chancellery, as well as the lawyers involved in the process, will be aware of any communication.

Likewise, the Minister of Justice of Spain, Juan Carlos Ocampo pointed out that the extradition of Cesar Hinostroza has already been «agreed», after the request by the Peruvian government. The head of Justice also mentioned that corresponding mechanisms must be articulated.

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