Guillermo Aliaga: we apologize for the outburst of a congressman

Guillermo Aliaga, second vice president of Congress stated that Parliament identified who launched insults against the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, during the last meeting held last Sunday. During a press conference that the Board of Directors gave, it was referred that the respective investigations be carried out.

In this way, the Somos Peru parliamentarian apologized for the phrases and insults to the president, after the debate to eliminate parliamentary immunity was presented, in which said prerogative was modified to include the president and the council of ministers.

For this, Aliaga reported that, «yesterday evening we have personally requested, by letter, the senior officer of Congress to identify the people who yesterday during the debate disrespected Mr. President because this Congress will not measure any political context, first there is education ”.

The legislator, apologized on behalf of the board of directors for the outburst of a congressman who apparently opened the microphone, I reiterate education in Congress. This context originated when Congressman Omar Chehade of APP delegated the meeting, after that, an as yet unidentified legislator who left the microphone open, made offensive comments against the president.