Meeting between Executive and Legislative

After a short wait, the Legislative and Executive will have a meeting for today, in which they will establish a «country agenda» to carry out projects of national interest. This meeting takes place after both parties carried out friction since last weekend on the subject of political reforms, even more specific: the elimination of parliamentary immunity.

Yesterday, the President of Congress held talks with some members of the caucuses to agree on issues of common interest: the «country agenda.» According to Gestión, the vice president of Parliament, Luis Valdez pointed out that at Merino’s meeting with Zeballos, issues such as the fight against covid-19 and economic reactivation will take place.

I also point out that the legislature is concerned about the economic issue and that they want to know how the government will recover the jobs lost during the pandemic outbreak, as well as the small and medium-sized companies that may fall into bankruptcy. In this sense, the APP congressman considered that a «national map of economic reactivation» should be created.

On the other hand, Valdez mentioned that the fight against covid 19 should be emphasized, in which they will ask the government to be honest with the number of deaths, hospitalized and beds in the ICU, urging that there should be a strengthening of the primary health care system

.On the other hand, Ricardo Burga mentioned that he will ask the President of Congress to suggest to the PCM that there be a change in the ministerial cabinet in order to renew the tension between the Executive and the Legislative, since it is worn out. At the same time, explanations will be requested on the credits granted to companies linked to corruption by the «Reactiva Peru» program.

For Management, another of the points in mention, were those that touched the bench of Somos Peru, in which Rennan Espinoza informed will ask the Government to prioritize issues such as citizen insecurity and the Education sector.

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