CONFIEP: Government support is needed

María Isabel León, president of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (CONFIEP), arced the need that is required by the Government to improve the regulatory environment to promote new jobs to overcome the economic crisis generated by the outbreak of the coronavirus (covid-19).

Isabel León mentioned in the ILO Global Coverage of the coronavirus (Covid-19): ‘The private sector is essential for the recovery of employment and consumption, as well as for investment and innovation, but this requires the support government to create and facilitate an environment conducive to resilience and private sector growth that generates decent and productive jobs.

For this reason, the head of CONFIEP emphasized that it is necessary to remove formalities and regulations that affect business growth in that sector. Also, it was considered that companies focus on creating and promoting more jobs, since it is important to serve vulnerable populations.

María Isabel León said: ‘This is a setback that we did not foresee and that forces us to dedicate immediate resources to alleviating poverty at the same time that policies are made and decisions are made that we have often avoided taking for the sector private become the great driver of the economy’.

At the ILO global summit on coronavirus and the world of work, I discussed the effects of the pandemic on the world of work, in which both sectors of the world of work discussed the economic and social incidence of the disease. The CONFIEP president assured that private growth allows the generation of decent and productive jobs.

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