Crime rates in Peru fall as a result of the coronavirus, will the figures remain?

During the time of social isolation, crime decreased dramatically in Peru, the black market as well as many other illegal businesses including the distribution of narcotics have been visibly affected due to the rules imposed by the government during the state of emergency.

The robberies to the passage, murders, accidents, shootings settling of accounts images and so many other facts to which the newscasts had accustomed us changed for those of long lines in the markets to obtain basic necessity products. It is almost incredible for some but it finally happened, crime was reduced by 84%, just in Lima.

This same situation is repeated in other Latin American countries such as Mexico, where the Sinaloa cartel saw the need for its illegal drug business and human trafficking since the borders are closed; while in Colombia the authorities confirmed that murders have been reduced by more than 50%. However, not many believe that this favorable situation lasts too long.

On July 5, a young police officer, aged 21, was shot by criminals in the Carabayllo district during the mandatory immobilization (curfew) that is being experienced in the country as part of the restriction measure decreed by the state to prevent infections. Franco Delgado Flores had just fought the battle against the COVID-19 virus, he contracted the virus during his work for citizenship, but he could not free himself from the clutches of the criminals who shot after resisting the removal of him. their belongings.

Events such as those that occurred with Franco lead Peruvian citizens to question whether the government of Martín Vizcarra will actually be able to cope with criminal acts and in turn control all the consequences that come with the outbreak of coronavirus in Peru.

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