The contest continues to choose the head of the RENIEC

The public contest to choose the new Reniec holder has 15 applicants as candidates, of which 11 have completed the curricular evaluation and will pass to the second process of the JNJ (National Board of Justice. This entity that has already published the results of the curricular evaluation.

The results in the valuation process confirm that 2 and 11 applicants are still in the race, since according to the JNJ (National Jury of Elections) only 2 candidates fulfilled the 70 points necessary to proceed to the next stage, they are: Piero Alessandro Corvetto Salinas with 77.5 points and José Alfredo Perez Duharte with 89.

The list is followed by Agusto Bravo Basaldua (68 pts) and Ruben Gomes Sanchez (35 pts), such information was published in the Call for public competition No. 002-2020-SN / JNJ

It should be noted that a candidate to occupy the headship of the institutions has the right to file an appeal if they believe that the results are not correct, for this they have a deadline from today, July 9 to Monday, the 13th of this month.

On the other hand, there are only two stages pending to finish the contest, these are: the evaluation of the work plan and the personal interview. The JNJ (National Jury of Elections) seeks to publish the winners of the evaluations on August 29 to carry out the corresponding protocols and to officialize their position in the respective institutions (ONPE and RENIEC) on August 31.

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