Clorox withdraws Poett liquid disinfectants from the Peruvian market

The Clorox company has made the decision to withdraw Poett liquid disinfection products from the Peruvian market because until now it has not been possible to define their effectiveness in terms of disinfection and elimination of contamination that can cause infections and pneumonia in vulnerable people.

The statement that Clorox issued on its website early today was: «Some Poett products failed in their disinfecting properties due to bacterial contamination that includes pseudomonas, a type of bacteria commonly found in the environment, the soil And the water»

The cleaning products company assured that only some of the batches analyzed have this failure, but for safety, they have proceeded to voluntarily withdraw «all Poett brand antibacterial liquid cleaners» manufactured until before June 30th.

Clorox is one of the companies with more presence in the Peruvian market and has seen the need to urge consumers not to use Poett brand liquid disinfectants and if they already have them in their homes to contact them to request the corresponding refund.

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