Instagram is also against the «Gay Conversion Therapies»

Instagram, a most popular social networks in the world, has decided to completely remove from its platform as of today all the accounts that promote «Gay conversion therapies» because these practices are very dangerous for health and integrity of the LGTB community and also according to various studies have been the cause of numerous suicides by young people who have participated in them forced by their parents.

Source: OrgulloLGTB

Faced with this situation, Tara Hopkins, the current Instagram EMEA public policy director stated to the BBC the following: “We do not allow attacks against people based on sexual orientation or gender identity and we are updating our policies to prohibit the promotion of conversion therapy services. ”

Google removed Living Hope

Living Hope was an application belonging to a religious group that Google had to withdraw from its virtual platform in 2019. This fact happened after the constant pressure and criticism that the technological giant received from millions of users and defenders of the LGBT community rights, this app was also removed from Amazon and Apple.

User support

Instagram has publicly committed to join efforts against the pages, applications, and content that encourage the development of these «Therapies». For this reason, it has requested help from all its users to report and report accounts and publications to this type.

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