Office of the Nation files complaint against Hector Becerril

Zoraida Avalos, head of the National Prosecutor’s Office, presented two constitutional complaints to the former congressman of Fuerza Popular, Héctor Becerril before Parliament, for the alleged crimes of influence peddling and criminal organization.

According to the proceedings of the Public Ministry, it is argued that Héctor Becerril would have participated in the influence-peddling for the alleged efforts in the budget of the Municipality of Aucallama and that in return it complies with corresponding payment.

Incidentally, the debt is presumed to be related to one of his closest relatives, so the former Fujimorism parliamentarian would have used the benefit of his public office to help his environment, according to investigations into the tax thesis.

In this sense, Héctor Becerril is investigated by the prosecution of the Nation for having links, with the criminal organization «Los reckless of crime». This organization was led by the former mayor of the Chiclayo region, David Cornejo Chingel, of whom he already has a prior history.

Among other investigations, it is also presumed that a budget allocation had been being managed for groups in favor of changes in some patrimonial benefits, such as the purchase of some items of interest. The complaints were published by the tweet social account of the Public Ministry, today at 3.21 pm.

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