Senior Offender Climbs Walls to Steal at Carabayllo Condominium

The Club Villa 1 Condominium neighbors located in the Carabayllo district, denounce that they are tired of the robberies perpetrated by a delinquent of the third age. The old man was also caught by the district’s video surveillance cameras climbing the walls of said establishment with impressive agility, without caring about putting himself at risk.

Fuente: RPP

According to the neighbors’ complaint, the old man works together in collaboration with other criminals in the area and to date, they have managed to make various items such as perfumes, brand shoes, laptops, jewelry, and cash. And last but not least, this elderly man has the luxury of choosing the items that he will take as if it were a store.

The Villa Club 1 Condominium residents affirm the old man has even attempted to steal larger and more valuable devices, such as televisions that have subsequently been found to be broken and severely damaged, since they do not pass the retaining wall.

According to the district police authorities, this long-standing thief has already been fully identified, but his whereabouts remain unknown.

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