The Attorney General’s Office files a complaint against Edgard Alarcon

The Congressman of Union for Peru, Edgard Alarcón is investigated for the alleged crimes of intentional embezzlement and illicit enrichment during his work as comptroller. Therefore, the head of the Nation’s prosecution, Zoraida Avalos filed two constitutional complaints. The investigations could have occurred in the context of his tenure as comptroller of the Republic.

The congressman of the Republic who worked with the position of comptroller was removed from his duties in 2017 by a decision of the congress of that time. In this sense, the former comptroller was accused by the Parliament’s sub-commission, who committed offenses and irregularities committed in his administration.

In the elections for Congress this year (January), Edgard Alarcón, who was running with the Union for Peru party, achieved a place in the Legislative Power until there are new elections in the next year 2021 (the bicentennial year of independence). ). It should be noted that Alarcón currently works in the Supervisory Commission that investigates the cases of the President’s brother-in-law and the Comptroller of Congress.

In this regard, the member of parliament announced through his Twitter account: ‘I will always submit to whatever procedures are in place. However, the agility of the Prosecutor’s Office to present two constitutional accusations against me, at the same time, even more so when we are hours away from presenting the pre-report on the Swing case, ”he declared on his social network.

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