Lima Mayor Exhorts Government Support

In conversations with channel N, the mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, indicated that the Metropolitan concessionaires issued a statement in which they reported that on the 15th of this month their work would be stopped if the State did not reach a solution regarding the subsidies that they promised to deliver to the transport companies.

In this sense, the burgomaster pointed out that he has already held meetings with the president of the Council of Ministers Vicente Zeballos and the Minister of Transport and Communications Carlos Lozada to address the aforementioned problems. In this sense, Muñoz assured that in the talks an agreement was reached with the Executive and that this Saturday there would be a meeting with the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF) on a financing proposal.

The mayor declared: ´They visited me to look for a new stage, a way out that can somehow help us to get through this wave that is very complex. It is complex because today in the afternoon the concessionaires have issued a statement saying that on Wednesday the 15th they would be stopping operations if there is no solution’ (I declare to Canal N).

Likewise, he stated that the Executive could have taken more opportune and adequate measures, and that within the conversations held with the MTC, a consensus should now be sought with the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) so that Saturday morning can resolve the issue.

On the other hand, I add that Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos’ proposal is to meet with Minister María Antonieta Alba, to evaluate the issue and work on a solution in which bureaucratic processes are omitted. I reiterate that the sum equivalent to 8 million soles would only be enough to buy disinfectants or biosafety items, but not for logistics expenses or remuneration for drivers.

On the other hand, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Carloz Lozada affirmed that the services of the metropolitan and the corridor will not be suspended since they will have a subsidy for the 15th of this month. In this sense, I also mention that the Ministry of Economy and Finance has the same interest in solving the problem.