Audit Commission will cite President Martin Vizcarra

The oversight commission of the Congress of the Republic will cite the head of state Martin Vizcarra for the Richard Swing case in which the alleged irregularities in contracts with the Ministry of Culture are investigated.

The summons was formalized by Edgard Alarcón, president of the Audit Commission of the Congress of the Republic who confirmed the summons to the president, in this sense Alarcon mentioned: ‘Yes, it is within the guest program, because in the end you have to answer some questions . He will be the last of the guests. The president will indicate what the conditions will be like. ’

The former comptroller of the Republic indicated that President Martin Vizcarra should mark the agenda for the summons (date, place and time). ‘That President Martín Vizcarra is not afraid of the audit. He said that he is transparent, that he does things correctly. Why are you afraid, ’said the congressman for Union for Peru.

The Congressional Audit Commission has a term until July 24 to cease with the proceedings in its investigations; however, an extension of an additional 15 days could be requested. It is worth noting that the congressman from Union for Peru was denounced by the Office of the Public Prosecutor for alleged irregularities during his term as comptroller of the Republic.

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