Purple Party asks to replace Omar Chehade and Edgard Alarcon

The Purple party, by means of a pronouncement, asked the benches of the Union for Peru and the Alliance for the progress of «appointing and replacing suitable candidates without question» to the congressmen Omar Chehade and Edgard Alarcón of the Commission of Inspection and Constitution. This is due to the series of questions that they have been presenting in their public political and administrative history.

It should be remembered that the President of the Constitution Commission, Omar Chehade, was one of the participants in the amendment to eliminate parliamentary immunity and to include the President of the Republic, ministers, members of the TC (Constitutional Court) and prosecutors as a whole.

The last activities that took place were witnessed in a plenary session of the congress last Sunday, in which after the presidential message a meeting of spokesmen in the Congress was also called, in which said modification was made.
On the other hand, days ago, the prosecutor of the Nation, Zoraida Avalos presented two constitutional complaints against the congressman and former comptroller of the Republic Edgard Alarcón for his management as head of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

The proceedings of the Public Ministry mention that Alarcón participated in the alleged crimes against the crimes of intentional embezzlement and illicit enrichment in the efforts of the parliamentarian in 2016-2017. The pronouncement of the Purple party through its Twitter account asked to end the political reform in the Congress of the Republic and prioritize the fight against corruption. The party led by Julio Guzman indicated: ‘Furthermore, it is essential to rectify the vote on parliamentary immunity and correct the nonsense approved in the last plenary session.”

In a social network post, it is also urged to cancel the shields at Los Collars Blancos del Puerto made by the dissolved Congress.

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