The José Sebastián Barranca Lovera life and work, Sciences National Academy from Peru founder

Peruvian naturalist scientist, philosopher, and teacher José Sebastián Barranca Lovera were born on January 20th, 1830, in Acarí, a small town located in the Caravelí province, Arequipa department. He was the founding president of the Sciences National Academy from Peru on August 6th, 1938.

He was born into a humble family, but he always stood out for his innate ability for Mathematics and Science. Likewise, he mastered various languages ​​such as Latin, Greek, Quechua; and translated «The Eneida» into Spanish. He began his professional training at the San Carlos Convict, however, he could not finish. Later he entered the San Fernando Medical College and was endorsed and instructed by the famous Cayetano Heredia to finish his training.

He was a Greek teacher at the popular Guadalupe school in Lima, but he retired for health reasons. Later he practiced teaching in various departments in Peru interior and in 1868 published his translation into Spanish of the Quechua word «Ollantay».
Finally, in 1905 he retired, and four years later, on December 4st, 1909, he died in the Italian hospital in Lima, plunged into absolute poverty and oblivion. His remains lie in the Presbítero Maestro del Agustino cemetery.


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