Fernando Tuesta: Elections could be held in 2 days

Until recently, Fernando Tuesta, president of the High Level Commission for Political Reform, spoke in dialogues with the RPP about the controversial elections to next 2021, in which he stated that the possibility of holding the scheduled elections in 2 days could be discussed. by April next year, all of this in the context of the covid-19 pandemic.

The political scientist stated: ‘We are part of international networks that are observing the elections with coronavirus in various parts of Latin America and the world […] [You can] Discuss the possibility of the elections being held in two days. Historically, elections have been held in Peru in more than a day, but they were other times, this is very good because you can divide the 25 million [population], say 50/50 ’.

However, as a result of the controversy, the question arises of what will happen with the votes. ‘One problem once the day is over is what do you do with the votes? Do you scrutinize them or not? What if you save them? Who is going to protect them? Because the entire electoral process is accompanied by representatives of the parties. Unless it is sealed, ’said Fernando Tuesta.

In this sense, the political scientist referred that established hours could be opened to safeguard the logistics in the elections, within a period of 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon and add doras from 8 to 6 in the afternoon, and order them in alphabetical order ( in surnames) since in other countries these mechanisms are also used, he indicated.

Another point mentioned was the mechanisms that are now used to enter a bank or establishment in which they must queue up the streets, so I urge better planning and execution to carry out the elections.

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