In Áncash 91 merchants and 16 police officers were detected with coronavirus

In a press conference in the province of Huaylas-Caraz, the Huaylas Norte Health Network, the Provincial Municipality of Huaylas and the members of Coprosec, reported the results obtained after having carried out rapid tests on merchants from two district markets. , as well as members of the local police station and workers of Banco de la Naciòn.

276 rapid tests were carried out, of which 78 tests were applied to traders in the Central market, 37 being positive. Likewise, 132 vendors from the Fairground were subjected to the same test, with 54 people being detected with the coronavirus. While at the Caraz police station, of the 60 police officers who underwent the rapid test, 16 tested positive for covid-19. In addition, the six workers of the Banco de la Nación were submitted, of which three also tested positive.

In total, there are 110 people who were infected with covid-19, which have been isolated to be treated and not put their families at risk, as indicated by health protocols. Likewise, faced with these results, the mayor of the province, Esteban Florentino Tranca, has arranged to temporarily close two supply centers for 15 days, where sanitary measures will be implemented that can help slow down the advance of the virus.

On the other hand, this Wednesday there will be rapid tests to the merchants of the La Explanada market, and rapid tests will be followed in the different markets of the province, including the Puente Llullán and Municipal Stadium markets.

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