José Domingo Pérez asks for a warning for Keiko Fujimori

Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, a member of the Lava Jato special team, submitted a request to the Judge of the Judiciary to warn Keiko Fujimori not to violate the restrictions imposed after his release was declared. Since it is presumed that the leader of the Popular Force party has been in communication with the parliamentarian Martha Chávez.

Through a letter published by RPP Noticias, Domingo Pérez demanded that the rules imposed on the former presidential candidate be respected, such as the prohibition of communicating with his co-defendants, witnesses or other bodies of evidence, either on a personal level or through third parties to carry out said activity.

Meanwhile, the member of the Special Team Lava Jato announced that the daughter of Alberto Fujimori has maintained communications with Martha Chávez (congressman of Fuerza Popular), who, in support of said action, would be the witness in this breach of the rule, therefore that Domingo Pérez sued the office of Victor Zuñiga Urday (judge in charge of the case) withhold said conversation material.

Thus, in the document sent by the prosecutor indicates that the Fujimori leader should be warned (according to the Criminal Procedure Code) that the appearance could be revoked with restrictions for preventive detention for breach of the pre-established mandatory rules.

Thus, it should be remembered that in May of this period, Judge Zuñiga was asked to warn Keiko Fujimori for not abiding by the rules imposed on him for maintaining communications with former congresswoman Úrsula Letona.

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