Massive party in France did not respect social distancing measures

Outrage and concern, has left the first massive party since the end of the quarantine, held last Saturday in the city of Nice in France, where at least 5000 people gathered to dance to the rhythm of electronic music leaving aside the social distancing measures adopted worldwide due to the Coronavirus.

The French city, located in the southeast of the country, has caused a polemic on social networks, with an audiovisual material from the last concert by DJ The Averner. Thousands of crowded people, ignoring the possibilities of contagion and without masks, portray the new life after Coronavirus in some European countries, showing young people as the least responsible about the pandemic that has already left more than 570,000 dead in the world.

The Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, communicated via Twitter, that after the event the masks will be mandatory in the city, “We regret that these instructions have not been sufficiently respected and we ask the State to review the decree that governs major events to impose the wearing masks, even outside the city. In Nice, it will now be mandatory for all our events ”. On the other hand, the city council and the prefecture stated that they had not been violated with capacity regulations, they also assured that the area of ​​the place had a capacity of 36,000 spectators before the arrival of COVID-19. “I know there were marked spaces, but the public walked a lot, in an open environment. Now we have to be very clear, there will be no return to freedom without a return to responsibility. If there is a controversy, it is not useless, at least it serves to remind us of the gestures of health protection” said Rémi Recio, head of the prefecture cabinet.

Gabriel Attal, a government spokesman, was much less optimistic and admitted that a policeman cannot be put behind every Frenchman, hoping that they will not violate security regulations. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Oliver Véran advised the French to wear a mask as long as they cannot keep the required distance.

The city of Nice currently has 171,000 infected and 30,004 deceased from Coronavirus, this would not be the first time that France is in the news due to the celebrations, in late June, Paris, the capital, was heavily criticized due to the crowds in different street festivals held for the end of quarantine.

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