President’s brother-in-law is quoted

Fredy Herrera Begazo, an engineer by profession and brother-in-law of President Martin Vizcarra will attend to testify before the Audit Committee of Congress tomorrow Tuesday, July 14, according to RPP, the couple of Doriz Vizcrra ​​confirmed their participation in the working group to be carried out tomorrow.

The summons is intended to resolve the doubts that were generated by reports about Herrera Begazo’s alleged contracts with the Ministry of Agriculture in the irrigation subsector program (PSI). In the investigation revealed by the Fourth Power Sunday, it was presumed that the President’s brother-in-law worked for MINAGRI.

Said journalistic work also revealed that Herrera Begazo could have received more than 30 thousand soles in November 2016 for his services to prevent conflicts in the Rio Tambo area, these a sector attached to the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the data provided by the Economic Transparency Portal of the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) in the last three years, the brother-in-law of the head of state received as remuneration a sum high to 290 thousand soles, an amount divided into 100 thousand for the 2017, 110 in 2018 and 80 thousand nuevos soles last year.

In addition, it is presumed that Herrera Begazo continued working for the State until May 2019, despite the restrictions by the State contracting law, since he was a close relative of President Martin Vizcarra Cornejo, when he held the position of Vice President of the Republic.

In that sense, it is presumed that members of the president’s close circle have worked for state entities, since Vizcarra Cornejo was already head of the Moquegua Regional Government in 2011.

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