An accident occurred on the Oropesa highway, Cusco

On the morning of this last Monday, a triple traffic accident occurred in the Oropesa district of Quispicanchi in Cusco, where there were three wounded. Among the collision that occurred was a vehicle belonging to the Provincial Municipality of Canchis who turned the bell several times and ended up with the tires up.

Faced with this fact, the investigations have not yet concluded that the incident would have led to the incident, however two drivers involved in the accident, including a worker from the municipality, indicated that the accident would have occurred due to the recklessness of Bernardino Quispe Yupanqui, who would have invaded the opposite lane, so they tried to avoid a worse crash.

Among the injured, is one of the drivers and two passengers, who were taken by serenazgo personnel to the closest clinic in Cusco.

On the other hand, passengers who were uninjured in this accident indicated that the vehicle they were moving was dedicated to the inter-provincial bus service.

Faced with all these data, the fact is still being investigated, in order to know if the accused driver is guilty of this whole incident, where there were no deaths, but a great scare.