Executive: Law is enacted to suspend the execution of elections

The Executive power enacted a law to suspend the execution of the simultaneous and compulsory open primary elections (STEP) for the next elections to be held the following year 2021, due to the risk involved in contagion due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It should be remembered that the plenary session of Congress approved said opinion on June 18, in which it was issued by the Constitution Commission so that the primary elections that had already obtained its approval were not carried out. The considerations pointed out that it was impossible to carry out said electoral process due to the risk involved in promoting the agglomeration of people in polling places.

In the text (already promulgated) two aspects of Law 28094 (Law of Political Organizations) are modified, in which the headings of the Head of State, Martin Vizcarra Cornejo and the President of the Council of Ministers (PCM) are presented, Vicente Zeballos.

The first modification includes a transitory complementary provision to specify that there will be no primary elections in the general elections of 2021, since ‘their validity must be reactivated from the 2022 regional and municipal elections’.

The second modification involves the repeal of the first transitory complementary provision of Law 30998, in which it is emphasized that people whose claims to the simultaneous and compulsory open primary elections (STEP) need to have a term of 6 months of affiliation in the political party with which it appears.

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