Interoceanic Case: Continuing process against Gerardo Sepúlveda

The Judiciary through the Third Court of Preparatory Investigation will evaluate this Wednesday, July 15, a new request from the Public Ministry to give 36 months of impediment to leaving the country for the Chilean businessman Gerardo Sepúlveda, who is being investigated for the assumptions of of collusion in the investigation that continues for the concession of the Interoceánica Sur highway to the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

The audience scheduling is scheduled for 9 o’clock in the morning through videoconference on the virtual platform Google Hangouts Meet, for which the participation of the representative of the prosecution and the defense lawyer of the Chilean businessman has been called on a mandatory basis.

In this sense, Sepúlveda’s lawyer, Percy García stated that, despite the fact that the businessman has a restriction and no judicial impediment to return to his country (Chile), he has made the decision to stay in the country (Peru) until order is resolved.

He stated on Channel N: ‘Although Mr. Sepúlveda is still in Peru and at first he could travel to Chile because he has no current legal impediment, he has decided to stay in Peru until a new exit impediment is resolved that The public prosecutor, the same prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, has just requested in another process that he opened a few days ago where he includes several public officials and the only one, I think, is Mr. Sepúlveda. ‘

On the other hand, I support that the new process in which the crimes of collusion are imputed to several former public officials (in which ex-President Pedro Pablo Kuczinsky and other former ministers stand out). It should be recalled that the Second National Preparatory Investigation Court notified the National Immigration Superintendence, that by June 26, the deadline for leaving the country for Gerardo Sepúlveda had already concluded.

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