JNJ: Supreme Prosecutor Tomás Gálvez suspended

The National Board of Justice (JNJ) suspended Supreme Prosecutor Tomas Galvez for 6 months after the investigations against him, in which he allegedly used his position as a high official and the alleged links he had with the organization Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto. Said disciplinary measure was taken by a plenary session of the JNJ.

With the suspension of Gálvez, he will no longer be able to fulfill his functions as the supreme prosecutor in which he is presumed, he could interfere. According to the disciplinary process regulations, the measure is applied immediately; however, the prosecutor can still request that the measures taken by the JNJ be reconsidered within a maximum of 5 days.

In the plenary session of Congress, the regulations of the law that promote the suspension of senior officials were taken into account. The reasons for reaching these charges are the actions taken by the same high-ranking official, who did not deny the charges, but acknowledged them.

That is why the JNJ took such actions as considerable resources to impute that «it would have incurred a disciplinary offense sanctioned with dismissal.» So for the National Board of Justice it is important to apply the corresponding measures.

It should be remembered that Gálvez Villegas is processed by the audios that link him to the criminal organization Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto and in turn for having disrespected two journalists from a media outlet for revealing information from some interviews.

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