Motion for interpellation is sought for the Ministry of Education and Health

The plenary session of the Congress of the Republic provides accounts for the motions of interpellation to the ministers Víctor Zamora (MINSA – health) and Martin Benavides (MINEDU – Education), in which they must be submitted for discussion in the next plenary sessions. On Monday the 13th, the respective proceedings were carried out during a plenary session of the plenary session of the Congress.

One of the reasons that justifies the motion for interpellation presented to the Minister of Health, Víctor Zamora are related to his management in the face of the health emergency due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our country. In this sense, the legislators are looking for Zamora to address the plenary session of Congress to talk about the responsibilities and negligent behavior to deal with the serious health crisis in his administration.

Likewise, the holder of the Health portfolio must answer for the inadequate management of the pandemic by COVID-19 (coronavirus), for the deep irregularities and inefficiency of its management.

While for the case by the Minister of Education, Martin Benavides Abanto, it is intended to know his answers about «the irregularities noticed in the process and granting of licenses for the Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Chimbote, Ica and Huancayo subsidiaries of the Technological University del Perú SAC and the Universidad Privada Peruano Alemana ”.

Both motions for interpellation must still be voted on in the next session to determine if it will pass for approval by the sentence. If approved, the planned dates (day and time) will be coordinated so that both ministers can appear and answer the questions in the request.

It should be remembered that previously, interpellation motions were presented or attempted to be presented to 6 state ministers, events that have affected a conflictive climate between the Executive and Legislative Branches.

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