Keiko Fujimori to Pedro Cateriano: It is an opportunity to correct mistakes

Keiko Fujimori, the leader of the public Popular Force party on the social network tweeted a statement in which I assure that politicians must not stop at ‘political differences’, this shortly after Pedro Cateriano was appointed as the new President of the Council of Minister to replace Vicente Zeballos.

Through his social network he mentioned: ‘It was urgent that there be changes. This new cabinet is an opportunity to correct mistakes. This is not the time to stop on political differences’ and soon after he added ‘We hope this new team will be successful, because the life and economy of all Peruvians depend on its management’ between 12 noon, minutes after the swearing-in ceremony in the Government Palace.

The publication of the former presidential candidate was answered by the now PCM who referred: ‘I welcome his pronouncement. This serious emergency forces us to join forces, saving the marked political differences that exist. Kind regards, P.C. ’

It should be remembered that Pedro Cateriano, along with 10 other new ministers, swore today to their respective positions in the Government Palace before the head of state, Martin Vizcarra, after the resignation of former Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos and other incumbents of the ministerial cabinet.

Moments before the pronouncement, the President of the Republic reported that with the new cabinet he feels certain that the objectives set with a view to completing his presidential mandate will be met. Likewise, I emphasize that its 4 priorities are: the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic (coronavirus), economic recovery, the closing of gaps between education and health; and lastly, the institutional strengthening of political reforms.

It should be noted that Keiko Sofía Fujimori was sent involved in one of the recent investigations by the Lava Jato Special Team, since the orange leader is presumed to have held talks with parliamentarian Martha Chaves.

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