Verónika Mendoza: «Salvage for the powerful», «Save yourself who can for the people»

The former presidential candidate and leader at the time of the Frente Amplio Movement, Verónica Mendoza made a series of statements for social networks, in which she referred to the change of the now new ministerial cabinet of the Executive Power.

In one of his publications he mentioned:  #NewCabinet? Beyond the change of people, we need a change of course so that this crisis is not only paid by workers and families and that power groups do not continue to profit at the expense of the rights of the people; to recover health, education, pensions … as rights.
But Martín Vizcarra has designated a «new cabinet» just like his «new coexistence»: the same as always, «rescue» for the powerful, «save whoever can» for the people.
We have to be vigilant in defending rights, resist and get ahead from the organization and solidarity.
Force Peru! ‘

The now member of the New Peru Movement wrote this publication on Facebook; however I also post excerpts on his social twitter account. It is worth mentioning that the anthropologist and former presidential candidate has 440.3 thousand followers on Twitter, while on Facebook the number is 304,381 followers follows.

Recall that Verónika Mendoza criticized in the context of the appointment of a new team of the ministerial cabinet, who is headed by the now President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, and other new ministers who were sworn in today.

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