The work experience of the Minister of Labor

After the swearing-in of the new Ministerial Cabinet in the Government Palace carried out yesterday, much controversy has arisen around the head of the portfolio of Work and Promotion of Employment, Martin Ruggiero, who according to investigations by the media , other of the new minister’s curricular experiences have been released.

According to the media, Ruggiero Garzón represented the company AFP Integra S.A. in a process before the constitutional court in 2017. Likewise, according to Wayka, the Ojo Público newspaper conducted an investigation in which it was revealed that the company where the minister worked was Payet, Rey, Cauvi and Pérez Abogados who defended the Tamshi SAC company, which is investigated for practicing deforestation in the Amazon of the Loreto region.

Likewise, a publication has circulated on social networks, in which netizens realized that in the official accounts the resume of the current minister was modified. In which at first it was appreciated that the owner worked for Payet, Rey, Cauvi and Pérez Abogados; but this was later changed by one of his academic experiences.

Various opinions have been generated through social networks, since for many people the current Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion does not have the necessary experience to assume such a position, in the face of the current situation due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid- 19).

However, in statements the PCM Pedro Cateriano, mentioned that criticism is received because of the age of the Minister of Economy, and now it is the Minister of Labor who is being criticized; but that they play an important role in the fight against Covid-19. Cateriano added that it was his proposal to summon the new Minister of Labor.

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