They create new entrances to enter the Central Market, Round Table and the Triangle of Grau

After the strong economic crisis that exists in our country after the pandemic this year, informal trade has been one of the problems that generates a large agglomeration of people, for which the Municipality of Lima has taken measures against these problems.
Closing the accesses to the main markets of the city, among them the Central Market, Round Table and the Triangle of Grau. However, due to the reopening of commercial activities in person in the main markets, the commune has enabled nine entrances and exits for pedestrians and vehicles that transit public roads.

As for the Municipality of Lima, I point out that the income of the people will be through the streets of the intersections of Jirones Huallaga with Paruro, Huanta with Puno, Andahuaylas with Av. Nicolás de Piérola and Montevideo with Av. Abancay. In addition, the departures will be made through the junction of the Jirón Junín with Ayacucho, as well as the intersections of the Jirones Huallaga and Puno with Av. Abancay. Likewise, the commune has managed supervision plans in the income to the galleries of the markets of the area.

On the other hand, the vehicles will enter and leave the commercial markets through the intersections of the Huanta jiron with the Santa Rosa and Cusco shreds. In addition to that they must park in the parking beaches authorized by the municipal authority.

In addition, the Lima commune with the coordination of the National Police, it has been determined that the loading and unloading of merchandise will take place from 4 in the morning until 10 in the morning.

With these measures, there are already fifteen access points for pedestrian entry and exit, as well as seven access points for the entry of vehicles to commercial markets.

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