Twitter: Congress of the Republic warns of hacking attempts on your account

Through a press release, the Congress of the Republic has disclosed that their official Twitter account has suffered from attempts at privacy vulnerability that motivated them to temporarily suspend the account.

The Parliament warned, in turn, that they have found an account that uses the name of the State institution and argues that it seeks to «harm the image of this State power«.

The fact coincides with different accounts that were hacked worldwide through the same platform and that generated a great scam.

Source: Instagram

«We inform the general public that the official Twitter account of the Congress of the Republic has suffered attempts to violate their privacy, or that the platform has temporarily suspended it.

Likewise, we have warned of the existence of an account that uses the name of our institution, in order to damage the image of this state power. This account has been denounced, and we invite our followers to do the same.

We are taking action in this regard and we reserve the right to legally report these illegal acts. As soon as our official Twitter account is reactivated, we will continue to inform all Peruvians about the important legislative work carried out by the National Representation.», said the letter in their Instagram account.

Security issues

After the pandemic, the world moved most of its activities to the virtual world. School classes, university classes, bank actions, among others, will now be held more often through virtual platforms to reduce the number of infections caused by the new coronavirus.

However, criminal acts in the virtual world have been on the rise ever since. Platforms like Twitter are usually the most attacked. Scams produced by hackers to make digital money like Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have been the most typified crimes recently.

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