30 tons of garbage were collected in the Manzanilla urbanization of the Lima district

The Municipality of Lima, in recent months, has been working on plans to help fight the coronavirus, which has brought many deaths such as unemployment in the city. It is for this reason that the Municipality of Lima has focused on cleaning several streets and urbanizations of the commune, in order to reduce the microbial load and avoid more contagions in the city.

Today, the community focused on the cleaning, disinfection and collection of solid waste from the Manzanilla urbanization, located in the Cercado de Lima, in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic among the inhabitants of this area and people who pass through this place.

The cleaning was carried out by 27 operators on García Naranjo, Nicolás Ayllón and Alto de la Alianza avenues, as well as on the Yuta and Raimondi shreds. In this activity, it was possible to collect 30 tons of solid waste, as well as the support of a tipper and a front loader.

All the workers who supported this cleaning and fight against coronavirus plan, took care and correct use of their personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, mask, appropriate footwear and uniforms in good condition.

On the other hand, the Lima commune will continue carrying out street cleaning and disinfection work to protect citizens and support in the reduction of infections due to the coronavirus health crisis that attacks our country.

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