Governor of Cusco tests positive for Covid-19

The regional governor of Cusco, Jean-Paul Benavente, has announced this Friday that he has tested positive for Covid-19 after undergoing a molecular test. This was reported by the Regional Government through a statement. Benavente will quarantine at his home as stipulated by the rules

According to the respective authorities, Jean-Paul Benavente would have contracted the disease due to his constant participation in front-line activities.

«That on July 16, he underwent a molecular test to rule out infection with COVID-19, so today, July 17, he was notified that said test yielded a coronavirus reagent,» he reported through the mentioned document.

Source: Gore Cusco

«The Regional Government of Cusco reports the following:

1-. As part of the activities that our Governor Jean-Paul Benavente García has been developing in recent months, discard tests were scheduled for the Covid-19, all of which were negative.

2-. That on July 16, he underwent a molecular test to rule out Covid-19 infection, so today, July 17, he was notified that said test yielded a reactive result for Covid-19; In this sense, in accordance with health regulations, it has signed the Letter of Commitment for a confirmed case of Covid-19 to keep a mandatory home quarantine.

3-. In a context of community contagion phase in the city of Cusco and in the midst of intense activities as part of its commitment to the population and always working in the first line of confrontation against the epidemic, it is assumed that the Covid-19 was acquired.

4. From the beginning, rapid tests were applied inside the institution to personnel who work in person, complying with the established health regulations and protocols. In cases where there are positive results for Covid-19, mandatory health standards apply.

5. Finally, we endorse the Governor’s words to ask the entire population to intensify their preventive measures against the pandemic. Above all, protecting our vulnerable population: adults and people with risk factors.

6. We are sure that in the short term it will continue to lead, as it has been doing, in the measures to combat the Pandemic and the work of REDEMPTION CUSQUEÑA that our region so badly needs.

Cusco, July 17, 2020″

Machu Picchu opening

As reported by the same governor at the time, the Sanctuary may not be reopened as scheduled for July 24, its anniversary day, since the necessary security measures for future tourists could not be guaranteed.

Source: Peru Travel


The virus continues to spread in the country. Only in Cusco, the number has increased today to 2,586 positive cases and 35 deaths.

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