After deactivating the quarantine in the country, 35% of parents would be willing to send their parents to school

In contrast to the fact that quarantine was decreed on March 15 throughout the country and the distance learning program «I learn at home» was carried out for school children and young people. Which had divided approvals since many homes in the interior of the country do not have Internet, televisions or radios so that schoolchildren can study from home.

So the Ministry of Education would have carried out a survey last June where more than 7 thousand families from all over the country responded, having 35.4% of parents, who would agree with the schoolchildren they will learn more by going to school, Among other responses from parents were that children need to play and interact with other children, as well as that they did not know how to teach them, in addition to the fact that they had to go to work and there was no one to take care of their children.

On the other hand, 64.6% of respondents would be against sending their children to school, since their children or accompanying adults could catch the Covid-19, as well as that the schools would not be in adequate conditions.

The percentages that had the majority of votes in which parents would send their children to school are found in the Huancavelica, Puno, and Cusco regions. Being the first two cities the lowest cases of coronavirus have been reported, in addition to being localities where several school children have presented connectivity difficulties and little access to distance education.

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