Luis Valdez: There was no chemistry between Zeballos and the parliament

Luis Valdez, vice president of the Congress of the Republic pointed out to Canal N, that there was no chemistry between the former President of the Council of Ministers, Vicente Zeballos and the current parliament and stated his position that there should always be a sincere dialogue between both powers (Executive and Legislative).

‘Without the desire to argue, there was no chemistry with Vicente Zeballos, there was a lousy communication or there was no sincere dialogue. Dialogues must be open, transparent and sincere to reach a successful conclusion, ’said the Alliance for Progress MP for the program from 6 to 9.

Another of the topics addressed was the elimination of parliamentary immunity, in which Luis Alberto Valdez pointed out in the debate of said opinion, it was debated and then put to a vote, in which 82 (votes) of them were obtained, he also considered that the post-plenary message were disproportionate.

In this sense, the vice president of the Congress of the Republic reported that the request for a vote of confidence in Pedro Cateriano before July 28 be discussed at the Board of Spokespersons, but he is about to coordinate the details to see the specific day and time. to conduct the meeting. ‘Personally, in July that vote of confidence must be given to the new cabinet so that it can work decisively and face the country’s problems, he said.

It should be remembered that yesterday, the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano met with the head of the Congress of the Republic, Manuel Merino to discuss the details of the consensus that would be carried out between the Executive and the Legislative. Likewise, the Prime Minister asked that the vote of confidence be granted before July 28.

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