The Field of Mars Massacre in Paris, during the French Revolution

«229 years have passed since the Field of Mars Massacre in Paris, on July 17st, 1791, during the French Revolution «

The Field of Mars park is a vast public garden located in the seventh district of Paris, between the Eiffel Tower to the northwest and the Military School to the southeast. Its name comes from the Roman Field of Mars (Mars, Roman god of war). It is the largest green space that exists in Paris and where numerous recreational and tourist activities are currently held.

The Massacre or Field Massacre of Mars was a tragic event occurred in Paris, during the French Revolution, on July 17st, 1791, that day the tragedy knocked on the door of 50 revolutionaries who were fighting to eliminate the monarchy from France, to claim it as Republic, likewise there were several wounded and 200 arrested.

A crowd gathered at the point mentioned that fateful day, to show solidarity and sign the petition. The Constituent Assembly ordered to disperse the demonstration and the Paris then-mayor, Jean Sylvain Bailly decreed the Martial Law that was announced with the remembered red flags; and this allowed law enforcement to make use of weapons.

The execution of Campo de Marte was considered a crime against the people. For this reason, Jean Sylvain Bailly was sentenced to the guillotine on November 12th, 1793, in the same place where the massacre occurred.

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