Bars and clubs ready to open in Lima? Ready protocol for entertainment venues

The post-pandemic effect involves the gradual awakening of different types of businesses. Among them, the bars and clubs that animate the nightlife of Peruvians, have met with authorities to evaluate the opening of these entertainment venues. The protocol would be being published in August.

However, in Spain, the outbreaks did not wait long after ending the quarantine. In Andalusia, 75 out of 400 people attending a disco generated the largest outbreak in Córdoba by testing COVID positive. Will the reactivation of this sector really be viable at this point in the epidemic in Peru?

Places as emblematic as the Boulevard de Barranco, the Calle de las Pizzas in Miraflores or the surroundings of Plaza San Miguel, as well as the traditional bars in the Center of Lima, now present a bleak view. However, at the beginning of the fourth phase of economic reactivation that will take place this August 1st, the fear of the virus spreading remains latent.

“Although we are entering the fourth phase of opening, we believe that the conditions are still going to be a bit difficult for bars. What the Minsa has told us is that we can start working on the protocols from now on, but that they will be evaluated after the emergency is over, that is, from September 7”, said Carlos Canales, president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur).

As mentioned by Canales, meetings will be held with the respective unions for next week. In it, the topics of the ventilation system, social distance, and the respective capacity will be mainly discussed. As for the free bars, they cannot be opened unless they are really spaced and allow the respective distance.

On the other hand, the reopening of discotheques is not within the near frame of opening because many of these tend to be very closed venues. «We see it difficult for a disco to open at least before October. One that is on the beach, it could be, but there is no way that one located in a basement can do it since there is no air circulation”, says Canales.

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