Keiko Fujimori elected as a pre-candidate for elections

Recent investigations by have mentioned that the leader of the Popular Force party has been chosen as the only candidate for the party’s internal elections to run for the elections in 2021, despite the fact that in a few weeks the constitution commission will evaluate approve the opinion of the political reforms that requires that people with sentences do not run for popularly elected positions.


Despite this measure, the orange party does not know how to deal with the guidelines for the regulations of the next campaign of Alberto Fujimori’s daughter, so it is presumed that there are differences between the members of FP (Popular Force).


However, the former presidential candidate has some impediments to her possible next nomination, including her restricted appearance for facing cases in the Public Ministry.


Such investigations could make Fujimori Fujormo’s application impossible, so it is expected to know if the party will continue with its current position.


 It should be remembered that the leader of Fuerza Popular, welcomed the election and appointment of the new President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano. However, within the framework of the investigations being carried out against him, the prosecutor of the Nation of the Lava Jato Special Team, José Domingo Pérez asked the judge in charge of the process to warn Keiko Sofía not to maintain communication with members of his party, in this case, legislator Martha Chávez.

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