Luis Barsallo confused with the deceased «oxygen angel», Mario Romero

This morning Mr. Mario Romero died, who had sold oxygen in the San Juan de Miraflores district at a fair price. His act led him to be exposed to many relatives of patients with Covid-19. However, different media have confused this humble gentleman with a businessman who also carried out the same action in Callao.

Luis Barsallo’s son, with whom the media would have confused the deceased, demanded on social networks that the photographs of his father be stopped to refer to the deceased. «Help me correct this information, please,» he noted through a story on his Instagram account.

Source: Twitter

The pioneer

The businessman who sold oxygen in Callao, Luis Barsallo, was one of the first to sell the oxygen balloon at a price of 15 soles when the health emergency seemed to be in its most critical moments despite the strict quarantine. The businessman who still supplies oxygen from his premises on Avenida Palacios Mz. B Lot 8, near the Supe Jiron, one hundred meters from the Centennial oval in Callao. The place where it is located is called Distribuidora Criogas Comercial S.A.C. Every day he begins his daily work from 8 a.m.

Her daughter asks that the information be clarified as soon as possible because they have received many calls from family and friends concerned about the situation in their home, apparently due to what would be an information crossing.

Lack of verification

Different media did not corroborate the information and placed the incorrect information causing distress in both families.

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