Arequipa: hospital worker denounces that patients with Covid-19 were hidden due to visit by Martin Vizcarra

A worker at the Honorio Delgado hospital in Arequipa denounced that the patients with Covid-19 had been hidden in a tent so that, according to what they mentioned, she had no contact with President Martín Vizcarra.

«There are no more patients in emergencies, you have seen every day the patients lying there, being cold. The president is not going to find a patient, they have put them in a tent,» said the hospice collaborator.

Likewise, it is considered that this act could have been carried out to prevent the cameras from focusing on the true situation of the hospital, which, like several in the region, is on the verge of collapse.

«Everyone is in there, there are no doctors, there is no personnel, they are abandoned. They have been put there so that they do not see them. Go and tell them where all the emergency patients are», added the worker.

The fragment of the video was quickly viralized on social networks such as Twitter, where an obfuscated former Minister for Women, Ana Jara, spoke about it:

«What is this? Did they remove all the emergency records from an Arequipa hospital and put them in tents and other environments so that the presidential visit does not find the service saturated with patients? If so, these should go to jail cover-ups. Force Arequipa! «, she emphasized through his official Twitter account.

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