Cateriano: This is not the time to question the Minister of Economy

In an interview with the Fourth Power Sunday, the Prime Minister, Pedro Cateriano, affirmed that it does not seem appropriate for the parliament, which already presents motions for interpellation, to maintain this position with the Minister of Economy, María Antonieta Alva. For the President of the Council of Ministers, the constitutional right of Parliament to question it should not be denied; but that does not seem appropriate to him, since there are moments.

‘At such a critical moment as this, the Minister of Economy and Finance is required to be daily monitoring of how economic public management operates at the national level,’ said the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano to the aforementioned media.

In this sense, it must be remembered that the Prime Minister has held meetings with various benches of the Congress of the Republic this weekend, and that he will continue to hold these meetings today, within the framework of the request for confidence requested by the head of the Ministerial Cabinet.

It should be remembered that in previous interviews, the president of the parliament, Manuel Merino, affirmed that the motions for interpellation for the ministry of health and economy could be withdrawn; but not that of education, since many questions must be answered.

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