FREPAP demands reform to prevent application of people with sentence

Legislator Cristina Retamozo, alternate spokesperson for FREPAP, asked that a second vote on the opinion be discussed at the next plenary session, which will not allow those sentenced for intentional crime to run for popular office, this in the framework of the next elections to 2021. The parliamentary asked for the reflection of the legislators to approve the norm.

The congresswoman mentioned for the Andean News Agency, which hopes that her approval will be achieved: ‘We hope that it will be achieved, I ask the congressmen to reconsider and vote in favor of the opinion to be applied in the elections of 2021; They had already voted in favor, I don’t know what happened next, for the second vote there were no votes, ’he mentioned.

The legislator reiterates that it is important that this impediment be approved (so that people sentenced for intentional crime cannot apply) and that its validity applies in the next elections in 2021 (the bicentennial year). I add that candidacies of this type make the parties lose respect and gain the reputation of the citizenry.

On the other hand, the legislator recalled that these measures that are part of the political reforms, were the subject of a campaign in the elections to the parliament, it should be remembered that in the next plenary session of the congress they must have enough votes to approve said opinion.

On the other hand, with respect to parliamentary immunity, legislator Retamozo stressed that his caucus will insist on eliminating parliamentary immunity for congressmen, as well as the political prejudice for the President of the Republic and the ministers of state, while for the defender of the People and TC members are still evaluating that possibility.

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