Investigations to the congresswoman Liliana Pinedo

Investigations made by the Panorama program indicate that the current member of the Popular Force parliamentary, Liliana Pinedo was sentenced to preventive detention for the alleged case of usurpation of functions in 2014; Even so, the parliamentarian did not present such information to the JNE (National Jury of Elections).

According to the aforementioned media, the legislator would have omitted such antecedent in the electoral process for the charges to the parliament. The Sunday program also reported that it was the Superior Court of Justice that announced the sentence days before the elections, thus making it impossible to suspend the candidacy of the congresswoman from the orange party (Fuerza Popular).

Other investigations point to the fact that the elected member of parliament appointed Juan Alberto Álvarez Andrade (who was the mayor of Chancay) as an adviser, who was in investigations by the Public Ministry for the alleged crime of influence peddling in the sale of land.

Likewise, the labor ties between Álvarez and Pinedo reveal that the legislator was the coordinator of the parliamentary office of former congresswoman Gladys Andrade (wife of Juan Álvarez) in the previous parliament.

The «Wayka» media mentions that they tried to contact the congresswoman; and she mentioned that she worked for the former legislator with the willingness to help, as she was a fellow party member. Meanwhile, on the issue addressed by the background of his advisor, the Fujimori parliamentarian stressed that he did not know the fact, and that he does not have to know everything that happens since where (Cañete) lives there are many signal problems.

It should be noted that the Fuerza Popular party awaits the presentation of the request to grant the request for confidence to the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, as reported by his spokesman Diethell Columbus in an interview on Channel 7, last week.

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