Argentina: male nurse beat Coronavirus and neighbors burned down his house

A nurse was attacked by his neighbors for having been infected with Coronavirus, a group of people set fire to his home, stole his car and beat him, the incident occurred in the province of Neuquén, Argentina.

Last Thursday, Daniel Porro, an Argentine nurse who had expired the new Coronavirus, was beaten by his neighbors, «I am going through a situation of extreme violence against myself for having had COVID-19«, said the health professional, who denounced the event on Sunday, in a local media.

The man who worked at the Ados Polyclinic became infected in his workplace, a place that was closed due to a large number of infected people. This is not the first time that Argentina has made headlines due to the mistreatment received by health personnel from neighbors. Daniel Porro blamed the authorities for not acting appropriately «We hold only the provincial and national state responsible for the insecurity that all health workers and all of us who have a positive Covid-19 are experiencing«.

Porro also confessed that he had previously been threatened by the inhabitants of a neighborhood in Colonia Nueva Esperanza, «They told me to leave the neighborhood because I had Coronavirus«. The nurse contracted the virus in mid-June, after 14 days, he was discharged negative in a second test. Daniel Porro reported that in addition to beating him, his car, cell phone, and wallet were stolen, the joint aggression made him unconscious, “I was beaten everywhere by several people, and I still haven’t recovered. I lost consciousness and stayed in the hospital«. Currently, it is known that the police have already found the car.

The nurse regretted the discrimination experienced in the city with COVID-19 patients, and added, “The house was set on fire the same Thursday and now it is useless. Neither the woods nor the braces. It is an uninhabitable house”, Porro reported the fact to the Prosecutor’s Office, who has been investigating the details.

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