July 21: Today we celebrate World Dog Day!

Every year around the globe, World Dog Day is celebrated every July 21st since its creation in 2004. Despite the fact that its true origin is unknown, many promote the celebration of the date as a day to conceit the furry of the house and raise awareness about the difficult situation faced by stray dogs that are often left to fend for themselves or the cases of dogs that continue to wait for a home in a shelter.

In Latin America, the idea of ​​creating a commemorative date for dogs was promoted by Ignacio Gac, a chilean journalist who promoted Street Dog Day on social media. This date is celebrated on July 27th, the month chosen by Gac because during that season the low temperatures cause the death of stray animals that get sick and die, inevitably, because they aren’t helped in time.

Source: National Geographic

However, many countries, having no national dog day, collectively choose July 21st as the day to honor their four-legged friends.

In 2017, the Ministry of Health calculated that in Lima alone there are approximately one million dogs abandoned on the streets exposed to the cruelty and hostility of an environment to which they do not belong, as well as to the abuse caused by the wickedness of man. From then on, the number has only grown.

A good way to celebrate World Dog Day is by giving your pet a day of love and fun. A refreshing bath, your favorite food, and an afternoon of games that allow us to spend quality time with our cocky. We can also give them a gift like this homemade Kong stuffed with their favorite prizes:

And if we don’t have a dog at home, we can give some financial support to the volunteer groups that rescue animals on the street every day to find them a home or donating food so that stray dogs can have a nice day too.

There are many ways to honor the dogs on this wonderful date, do you want to be part of it?