Lasso: closes Facebook app that competed with Tik Tok

When something new appears in the market that begins to gain popularity, it will always bring direct competition that will want to win the battle. And although the competition is backed by a giant corporation, it is not necessarily an omen of success.

This is what has happened with Lasso, the app created by Facebook to compete against Tik Tok that could never knock down its opponent.

Lasso was an application that allowed to publish short videos of up to 26 seconds where you could find some attractive gadgets that were part of the social network, such as making clips, transformations (effects), remixing between users (collaborations), putting music to pieces of songs, among others.

However, everything described above was very similar to the popular Tik Tok social network, even the aesthetics and the format did not differ much from each other.

Despite the effort of Facebook to position this app and gain a considerable number of users in the US and Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, in the end, it only had to surrender to the Tik Tok that continues to lead and is currently the most downloaded app.

Proof of this was the measurements made by the Sensor Tower site in recent months where Tik Tok and Zoom led the list of downloads worldwide. And Lasso was nowhere to be seen.

With a lifetime that did not exceed 3 years (remember that it was created in 2018), and despite having the investment and support from Facebook, this application was removed from the market.

«Thank you very much and goodbye! We have news for our Lasso community: Lasso will no longer be available on July 10, 2020, so it will no longer be able to be used from that date. We want to thank you for the creativity and collaborations brought to our video community «, was the message that appeared on the screens of the few Lasso users where the application said goodbye to everyone.

Despite all this, Facebook is not giving up and has been working on a new update by Instagram that apparently will battle Tik Tok in the future.

For now, there are not many details of this project, just the name: Instagram Reels.

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