Spotify blocked on your iPhone? Here we have the answer

The well-known streaming music platform has already become an indispensable app on the smartphones of millions of users worldwide; However, recently, many of them have shown their discontent and concern when surprised that the app suddenly crashed. The funny thing about all this is that it only happened on cell phones from a single brand: the iPhone.

Users from Mexico, one of the many countries affected by this failure, reported that they were not able to use this app as it did not work well, and after investigations, it was concluded that part of the blame was caused by the giant network. social Facebook.

The failures they described were not being able to log in, or when entering their account the music did not play or simply closed at any moment.

Early reports suggested that the cause of the problem was the Facebook Software Development Kit that is used to manage logins in many applications. Rather, when an option appears for you to choose an account and log in to Facebook and that will refer you in a simpler way to other platforms.

The funny thing about this is that users who have Android did not file any claims with these problems.

This report becomes more valid after the statements by Facebook in which it acknowledges that its software is causing some unforeseen details: «We are aware of and have investigated a series of SDK errors that are increasing on iOS devices causing the blocking of some applications».

This error is reproduced both in the officially available version (iOS 13.5.1) as well as in the beta version of iOS 14 that has been released recently.

As you know Spotify is not the only app that has presented this type of technical problem since other applications such as Pinterest and Tinder are added.

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