What are the skyquakes? The «Trumpets of the Apocalypse» and its scientific explanation

During the quarantine, strange sounds were heard in different parts of the world, especially in Argentina, and many recorded videos have evidenced how little we know about the planet we inhabit. These sounds have been denominated like «Trumpets of the Apocalypse» and it is due to their similar sound with these instruments that come from the sky that they have alarmed to own and strangers.

Some countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and others on the European continent and the United States have witnessed these events that have reached religious explanations and theories about the end of the world. In April of this year, an Argentine town witnessed the fact that it became viral. And NASA’s explanation called the event a «skyquakes».

What are skyquakes?

Skyquakes, as well as earthquakes, are strong collisions between hot air masses with other cold ones. These sounds cataloged at different times as explosions, trumpets or cannons, can also be replicated by other events.

In some cases, they can be caused and preceded by earthquakes, although their occurrences are very rare.

The phenomenon is also related to the coasts, where they have reported it more frequently since the noise it generates could be related to the methane released by crystals at the bottom of the ocean.

Canine ear

At different times, these sounds usually affect mainly the dogs that are the ones that suffer the most and cause greater concern in people. Inevitably they will howl at the din.

Conspiracy theories

Like all the strange phenomena that can occur in the world, sky bikes were not without an explanation beyond scientific. Some very daring attributed this type of atmospheric activity to the manipulation of the climate that could be taking place from the United States thanks to their mysterious HAARP project. This project seeks, among other ways, to change the climate and manipulate it to seek to take advantage of it.

While theories suggest that these could cause catastrophes, HAARP has another mission. Its functions are to send radiofrequency beams within the ionosphere transmitting electrojets that affect the global climate. Sometimes during an electrical storm, they touch the Earth, affecting communications by telephone and electrical cables, the interruption of electrical supplies, and even alterations in the state of the human being. HAARP would act as a great ionospheric heater, the most powerful in the world. In this sense, it could be the most sophisticated man-made geophysical weapon.

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