Alaska: 7.8 earthquake shakes America and sends Tsunami signal

An earthquake of 7.8 shook Alaska causing a tsunami warning that went off during the wee hours of this Wednesday. The 7.8 magnitude seismic event occurred at 11:12 p.m. Tuesday, the United States Geophysical Service said. the epicenter was carried out at sea about 105 km. south-west of PerryvIlle in the US state. Its depth was 28 km, a much higher figure than originally estimated.

Some videos did not wait long on social networks demonstrating the great impact that this seismic movement had on those who reside there.


As preventive measures, on Kodiak Island, the local high school opened its doors to safeguard many people who sought refuge. This is stated by Larry LeDoux, superintendent of the Kodiak School District. «We have a crowded high school,» he said. In addition, it granted masks to avoid contagion, since the crowded premises had the presence of at least 300 to 400 people.


Happily, the incident did not escalate considering that a tsunami alarm was issued that was canceled a few hours later. The risk of the same did not affect Hawaii or other North American or Canadian coasts. Fire belt Alaska is one of the North American States with a large number of incidents of seismic movements.

This places it near a very active, as well as dangerous, volcanic area. In 1964 one of the most powerful earthquakes developed, reaching 9.2, which always leads us to look at this part of the world with great attention.


Peru is one of the countries belonging to this great belt. The seismic silence in different regions of the country should keep us alert to any eventuality. For this, we recommend having the necessary implements such as the emergency suitcase with basic medicines, flashlight, non-perishable food, and after the pandemic, you should add masks and gloves if necessary.

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